Hi there! Welcome to Studio Hemvist!

Studio Hemvist is a smol and cozy "let's make stuff" kinda place.

Hi! I'm Isabelle, usually known as Issie (or wistpotion if you are internety). I'm the one who is supposedly running this whole thing. I like games. And music. And the arts. And sobbing to pretty electronic music at two in the morning. And right I'm the one running this thing. Welcome to try some games!

Here is what I've made so far:


“You are out of food and need soup. You will use your flamethrower to get soup.”

Developed by Isabelle Fougner Axrup (wistpotion)

Cover art by Ro (rosdump_)


“A deckbuilder where you pet your dog and climb a mountain”

Art and additional game + story design by Ro (rosdump_)

Music by newlife+

Playtesting by Gustaf (his name is Gustaf)

The other stuff by Isabelle Fougner Axrup (wistpotion)

Feed The Kind

“You are dying. An undead gardener promises to stop your death. The catch? She wants your blood.”

Developed by Isabelle Fougner Axrup (wistpotion)

Playtested by my dad